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Our desire is to share Scriptural and Hebraic teachings to prepare Yah's people for Yeshua's coming and His kingom.

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It's been quite a long time since Yah has released us to post an article or teaching on this site.  After seeking him for many many months, it seems that Yah now wants this word to go forth.  His Spirit is searching out those who would hunger and thirst for him, as well as taking note of those who are just fine with their "religion" and satisfied with the world they are in.  And this doesn't include just the mainstream Christian believer.  He is even pained by the lukewarmness of those who have been called out as his elect:  those of us who have been brought in to the fullness of his word, who have "discovered" the relevance of his Torah, Sabbath, and Feast days.  As we continue our journey in this wilderness called life, he will be separating those who are divisive, complainers, indifferent, disobedient, hypocrites, gluttons for the things of this world.  Only two (Joshua and Caleb) were found worthy to bring his people into the promised land.  They represent his elect today, those who have true faith and are obedient to his covenant.  (Read all the verses in the old testament with the word "commandments" in them).  So...why is he speaking again?  Where are we today?  

We are standing at the genesis of an unprecedented move of Yah's Spirit.  He is gathering worldwide those who are willing to come into covenant with him through obedience to his commands.  We are the "Deuteronomy generation".  As written in Deuteronomy, Moses gathered the new generation who were being prepared to enter the promised land, and he taught them again the whole of Torah (the commands and instructions).  Many for the first time.  They had to know and be obedient to his covenant (Torah) to be prepared for entering the land, and establishing Yah's kingdom. This is us!  He has opened our eyes, removed the false teachings we inherited from our fathers, and is bringing us into covenant with him.  He is preparing once again a people, set apart, to be his.  As his chosen people, we rejoice that we can observe and celebrate his Feasts as he instructed in Leviticus 23.  We now know that his Feasts are much more than just getting together with other believers.  Much more than trying to be pleasing through obedience.  The Feasts are all about Yeshua.  

Just as Yeshua fulfilled the Spring feasts at his first coming, we wait with joyful expectation that he will fulfill the Fall feasts when he comes again.  As we enter into the season of the Fall feasts (Yom Teruah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot,and the eighth great day), how serious are you in not only observing (rehearsing) the feasts, but in anticipating Yeshua's return?  It's about much more than just observing the feast days. They are preparations that point us to Yeshua.  Have you been diligent in guarding and keeping his Sabbaths?  His word says that keeping his Sabbaths is the distinguishing mark that we are his.  Remember Yeshua's parable of the 10 bridesmaids.  They were all knowledgeable of the master's return, but only half were actually prepared and ready.  Are you?  If he comes during the Feast of Trumpets, or if he comes tomorrow, will you be found prepared?  Will you be found acceptable to be gathered to him and ready for his kingdom?

​How do we get prepared?  First, you must accept the atoning sacrifice of his son, Yeshua (Jesus), and turn away from your old ways.  His blood was shed on the cross so you and I could become clean and have intimacy with him and the Father.  He fills us with his Holy Spirit.  We are then able to partake in his covenant and walk obediently in his ways (commandments).  It's the greatest adventure man will ever know.  And the most important.  Yeshua came on a rescue mission.  To bring Yah's lost and perishing sheep back into a covenant relationship with him.  It's of eternal importance.  As the Father is teaching us his ways (the instructions of his eternal covenant), we find ourselves being gathered back to him.  We are being prepared to enter his kingdom.  He has chosen us for such a time as this.  Get ready!

We have decided to remove our page with links to the many teachers and ministries that are full covenant (obedient to Torah and born again in Yeshua).  When we first began our walk as full covenant believers, some twenty years ago, we found ourselves a small minority in the faith.  Like-minded teachers and ministries were very rare and hard to find.  So we developed over these many years a compilation of websites that would help internet users to find teachings and grow in knowledge of Yah's word.  However...  as time went on we witnessed firsthand the worldwide explosion of this revival of keeping all of Yah's scripture.  First as the "messianic" movement, then as "Hebrew roots".  Now it's continuing to grow so exponentially that the once simple and noble task of compiling links to websites has become completely impossible.  With those growing pains also comes the divergence of ideas, the contentions on who's right in their interpretations, and even the falling away of some into orthodox Judaism.  We take our responsibility as ambassadors of Yah very seriously.  In doing so, we would not want to limit the resources that are out there to teach others this walk, as well as inadvertently offer a website resource that would not be in line with Yah's truth.  We trust you will seek Yah and his holy spirit, the Ruach haKodesh, to lead you into all truth.  And please note that you can email us, and we would be blessed to assist you in any way we can.  Be blessed in your journey for truth.       _ Yachovah